Competition Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. The competition opens at 9am Thursday 27th July 2023 and closes at 4:00pm on Thursday 7th September 2023.
  2. Terms that are capitalised but not defined in these terms and conditions shall have the meaning given to them in Channel 4’s Airtime Terms and Conditions or Digital and On Demand Advertising Terms and Conditions, as applicable.
  3. The main prize is £1.1 million (net) of advertising space across Channel 4’s portfolio of products; £1 million of Airtime and digital/VOD and YouTube Advertising, and £100,000 of social media value, made up of £40,000 in Channel 4 social production from our in-house social team 4Studio and £60,000 of media value across Channel 4’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channels.
  4. The Prize of Airtime, BVOD and YouTube Advertising is to be split and decided by Channel 4.
  5. The Prize is excluded from any existing share or volume expenditure commitments with Channel 4.
  6. Up to five shortlisted entries will be offered the opportunity to secure match funding to get their entries on air during the Campaign Period. Channel 4 will match-fund airtime and digital and VOD Advertising investments up to £250,000 and over with Airtime and digital and VOD Advertising to the value of £250,000 (the “Match Fund Prizes”). Investments below £250,000 will be matched with the entrant’s total investment. Investments above £250,000 will only be matched by a maximum £250,000 of value. To qualify for a Match Fund Prize, the investment must be excluded from any existing share or volume expenditure commitments with Channel 4. 
  7. The Prize and the Match Fund Prizes (together, “prizes”) are redeemable across the Channel 4 Portfolio between 1st May 2024 and 31st June 2024 (the “Campaign Period”). There is the potential, at Channel 4’s sole discretion, for these dates to be flexible, pending negotiation with 4Sales.
  8. No cash equivalent prizes are available.
  9. Any reimbursement or payment of production costs for the winning entries are not included in the Prize or the Match Fund Prize and are the responsibility of the winning entrants (excluding the £40,000 4Studio social production for the winning entry).
  10. Agency commission will not be payable on any of the media value.
  11. By entering the competition, you are committed to producing an advertisement that reflects your winning entry. Channel 4 will require regular contact and review sessions to ensure the creative concept being produced is true to the winning entry.
  12. By entering the competition, you accept our Airtime Terms and Conditions and Digital and On Demand Advertising Terms and Conditions available at and confirm you have read our Privacy Policy
  13. All entries must comply with all applicable advertising industry laws and regulations.
  14. To qualify for either the main prize, or the match funding opportunities, any advertisements produced in response to this competition need to follow the following sustainability requirements;
    1. The brand and creative agency involved must be registered (or become registered) as an Ad Net Zero Supporter (run by the Advertising Association).
    2. The advertisements produced must use the Ad Green carbon calculator to measure their carbon footprint with the full and unredacted results shared with Channel 4.
    3. Any carbon produced as a result of making the advertisement must be off-set via and receipt must be shared with Channel 4
    4. Unless a similar commitment has already been made, the brand and creative agency commit to develop and implement a long-term plan to reduce their marketing Carbon Footprint and should be shared with Channel 4
  15. In order to be eligible for the competition, a written entry of no more than two pages in length must be submitted with business contact details on before the deadline of 4pm on 7th September 2023. Entries must also include, where applicable, client contact details so Channel 4 can verify that the entry is client-backed. 
  16. Only entrants who are in the following categories may enter: media, advertising and creative agencies, entering with explicit backing of the client; and brand marketing teams.
  17. VOD or broadcast competitors of Channel 4 are not permitted to enter nor have their brand entered by a third party.
  18. All entries must feature main advertisement copy with a 30-60 second time-length.
  19. All entries should be suitable to run in all dayparts or have a pitched version able to run in all dayparts, and the position in break will be natural delivery. 
  20. The Main Prize of Linear Airtime, VOD, YouTube Advertising and social media value will be booked at the absolute discretion of Channel 4. Notwithstanding the above, Channel 4 will try to plan efficiently for the winning brands’ target audiences, against the Airtime and digital/VOD Advertising space only.
  21. The Prize must be fully redeemed within the Campaign Period. Any remaining value left after this time may be lost.
  22. Channel 4 requires the winning or match-funded commercial to feature a branded endboard featuring a Channel 4 Diversity In Advertising Award Winner logo lockup. This will need to be approved by Channel 4 marketing in advance of broadcast
  23. The main Prize-winning advertisement will launch on the Channel 4 main service from 1st May 2024.  The winning advertisement must premiere on Channel 4 and must run exclusively on the 4Sales portfolio of products for 7 days. The winning advertisement cannot run on any other paid media platforms during this period.   
  24. Once the 7 day period has finished, the advertisement can run across all other paid-for platforms including other broadcast channels, but it must include the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award logo credit on all platform endboards during the ‘campaign period’
  25. The winning campaign must premier on Channel 4 with a Premier Break, the airtime cost must come from the £1m prize pot. The premier break production cost will be covered by Channel 4, and will be produced in the tone and style of the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award.
  26. The Match Fund Prizes value will also be spread across the Channels at Channel 4’s discretion and must be fully redeemed within the Campaign Period. Any remaining value left after this time may be lost.
  27. All prizes are awarded at Channel 4’s discretion.  Channel 4 and/or the competition judges (acting reasonably) reserve the right not to select a winner or shortlist any entries, and/or to remove or amend selection criteria and/or the structure and operation of the competition if entries are not of the requisite standard.
  28. Judging of the entries will be based on the creativity and originality of a creative concept that features the LGBTQIA+ community and represents people from that group in a modern, authentic and non-stereotyped way, however the judges are looking for entries that still fulfil a brand’s core advertising brief. Full judging criteria can be found here:
  29. The prizes are awarded to the selected winning ideas, brand and creative agency. The prizes cannot be transferred to a different campaign concept, or to a different brand or creative agency.
  30. In the unlikely event that Channel 4 believes the advertisement produced does not match the concept of the original winning pitch, Channel 4 reserves the right to withdraw the applicable prize.
  31. Entrants understand that any information in the entries marked specifically as confidential will be seen only by the shortlisting and judging panels and competition organisers. Information contained in the finalists’ pitches highlighted specifically as confidential will only be seen by the judging panel, the extended judging panel and competition organisers. Please make sure to clearly identify which specific elements of your entry are confidential, otherwise they may be treated as non-confidential.  Other non-confidential information about the entries may be used by Channel 4 in the promotion of this activity. However, rights in entries and the right to produce the campaign ideas remain with the entrants.
  32. After the closing date, the eligible entries will be short-listed by a panel of Channel 4 employees to no more than six finalists.
  33. The judging will take place in person on Wednesday 11th October 2023, with the shortlisted parties asked to present their ideas in front of the judging panel. The judging panel are entirely responsible for choosing the winning advertisement.
  34. Inability to attend the judging session will result in disqualification of the entry.
  35. The winner of the Prize will be notified and publicly announced on or before Thursday 18th October 2023. At this stage, the details of the winning campaign will not be revealed.  The unsuccessful shortlist entrants will also be notified on or before Thursday 18th October 2023 and will be offered the Match Fund Prizes.
  36. Any press releases referring to the competition or the campaigns pitched as part of the process must be discussed with and approved by the Channel 4 press office before publication.
  37. Channel 4 reserves the right to amend the competition rules during the judging process if the chair of the judging panel deems it necessary. In this event, Channel 4 will notify all entrants of the change and will publish the updated rules on the competition website
  38. The judges’ decisions are final.

For any questions on these terms, please email

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